V- Who am I?!


I love makeup. My favorite color is pink. I’m boy crazy. Shopping is my favorite way to pass time. I drive a pretty white Jeep. I love being in love. I can’t go a day without hazelnut iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts. You’ll never see me without acrylic nails. I don’t go anywhere without my Tiffany necklace. Flowers and chocolate are the way to my heart.

I sound like a stereotypical teenage girl, don’t I? Well, I am. And that isn’t a bad thing.

Because there’s more to be than just my ‘generic’ traits.

I haven’t been in my super neat basement for two years because I saw a spider once. I keep a single fake eyelash in my car for luck. I’m terrified of ketchup. I killed two rabbits with my bare hands. I got a mohawk for finals. I can’t go to bed without rubbing my big toes.

I ran out of stuff to say so I made up the last three.

Anyways, throughout the next couple of weeks you’ll actually start to get to know me other than these random factoids. Hopefully you’ll find me enjoyable but you probably won’t!





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